HonourPay for Platforms

Everything we say about HonourPay for Content Creators applies to Content Platforms except one thing.

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As a content platform, you are, like us, in business.

And like us, you know just how much it costs to run a platform.

So, like us, you need revenue - which is, after all, why you are going to join HonourPay.

For this reason, we charge platforms a little more.

For content creators, our charge, including all Stripe fees and taxes for which we are liable, is 10%

For platforms, we increase this to 20%

But before you have apoplexy and accuse us of profiteering there's something you should know:

As a business, if you are in the UK or in the EU, you are entitled to recover the VAT we charge. Also, the balance of the charges, including both our own and Stripe's fees and charges, are business expenses and you are entitled to set them off against revenue when calculating your corporation or income tax.

In this way, much of the increase is actually not paid by you.

Say "thank you" to the tax man.