Great! I want to support a content creator. What do I do?

First, supporters don't register on this site so that's one thing you don't have to do!

Content creators include links on their websites, social media pages and/or e-mails. Just click on the link to go straight to the contribution page.

You can also browse our HonourRoll and select the creator from the list.

Buy a "Thank You." If you'd like to pay more, it's OK: you can choose a multiple later. So if you want to pay GBP10 and the biggest option is GBP2, just select quantity 5 at checkout. Easy, huh?

Yes, we know: it looks just like a shop - we've done that so you already know how to use it and don't have to learn anything new at all.

The system generates an invoice and sends a copy to you and the content creator but he does not receive your contact information.

But believe us when we say that all our content creators are very pleased to receive not only the money (that's nice, of course) but also the recognition that someone appreciated their work.

On behalf of all our Content Creators, HonourPay says "thank you".