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The only site about anti-money laundering effectiveness curated by someone with a PhD in AML effectiveness, quoted in The Economist, Forbes, Politico, Reuters, and US Senate testimony describing the modern anti-money laundering experiment as arguably the least effective anti-crime measure, ever.

Profound failure, however, signals opportunity for profound value: an order of magnitude reduction in crime, harm, regulatory risk, and compliance costs.

Flipping from almost zero impact on criminal finances into the 99 percent zone invisible to current hide-bound systems signals a paradigm shift benefiting millions of people, businesses, and countries. The latest applied research reveals new ways to unlock practical, risk-free adjustments for any bank, law enforcement agency, or country to achieve demonstrably better results, risk-free [you can still get the FATF tick, and meet regulator demands] with less harm, less regulatory risk, and less compliance cost, not more. It no longer needs to be a negative sum game.

Join a conversation to bring applied effectiveness and outcomes science to the siloed strictures of anti-money laundering thinking, for outcomes that matter.

To learn more about Dr Ron Pol and how he can help your business, visit www.effectiveAML.org

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