HonourPay for Content Creators - info and FAQ


HonourPay for Content Creators - info and FAQ



What is HonourPay?

The idea for HonourPay came from the countryside where smallholders and home gardeners put fruit, vegetables, even eggs out on a table by their front gate. Passers-by take what they want and put money into a box - it's an "honour system."

We've taken that idea and adopted it for your internet presence. When people drop by, if they like what they see, they can do the honourable thing and buy a small item from you. That item is a "Thank You" and it can be a virtual card or a brief audio or video file.

If you don't want to create your own "Thank You", you can use one of our in-house library. They are free but you might like to make an HonourPayment to the artist whose image is on the card.


There's no point in asking people to pay you and then making it difficult. So we have worked hard to make this system frictionless.

Your readers and viewers don't need to fire up an app, create a wallet or sign up to a payment system they've never heard of. In short, they don't need to do anything they don't already know how to do.

We have adopted a the model of an online shop for exactly that reason and, because, the concept of a shop provides you with additional exposure to search engines, for example.

And all you need is an account with Stripe which has become the long-established, go-to payments company for millions of businesses with almost 20% market share, according to banklinko.com.

Generate revenue from your on-line presence

HonourPay is the simplest and quickest way to generate revenue from your on-line presence. You can insert links into social media pages, e-mails and, of course, your blogs and websites. Anywhere you generate content, you can place a link to your HonourPay page.

Simply open an account with us and tell us what base price you wish to adopt. Provisionally, we've set ours at GBP2 for individuals and GBP5 for platforms. If people want to pay more, they can apply multiples at checkout.

We'll make the buttons for you and give you clear instructions how to install the link on your website, in your social media account or in an e-mail.

Where can I use HonourPay?

You can use HonourPay anywhere you publish original content.

If you

- have your own publication - a self-hosted site,
- a site at WordPress.com or Blogger.com or wix
- publish articles at Medium, Quora The Conversation, PleaseBeInformed.com or LinkedIn, for example
- publish academic and learned articles at ResearchGate, OSF or Google Scholar, for example.
- give advice at Yahoo Answers, post at WIkipedia or any one of thousands of bulletin boards around the world.
- a busy page at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.
- WhatsApp, Telegram or other messaging group,
- publish content on TikTok, YouTube or Vimeo or present classes on Zoom etc.
- have your music on Soundcloud or Brightcove.
- have an e-mail newsletter: no problem, we'll give you a text link.

In short, anywhere you post stuff people might want to view, read, watch or listen to.

Once you have your HonourPay badge and links, you are good to go.

Can I post content to HonourPay

No, we are not a publishing platform but we do own one! Look at www.pleasebeinformed.com. You can make a pitch to publish articles and so on there and then, of course, you can put your HonourPay badge on that article.

What, how and when will I get paid?

You will receive the amount that you sell "Thank You"s for after deduction of:

- Stripe's Fees and Charges on purchase. That is calculated as follows: 2.9% plus GBP20.
- Our service charge of 5% which includes Value Added Tax on our service charge.

How long does HonourPay hold my money before sending it?

HonourPay does not hold your money. In fact, HonourPay doesn't receive your money at all. Stripe allocates the receipts (see above) and makes the payouts to you and to HonourPay.

You will be paid according to the schedule you have set up with Stripe. Usually, in our case, we find that Stripe credits our account within four or five days of sales.

Information about tax

Industry-standard protocols

HonourPay is built on industry standard payment security protocols so your readers and viewers can be sure their payment information is safe. In addition, we never, ever, see payment card information. We do, of course, hold your Stripe account ID so that we can tell Stripe who to pass money to but we do not have any access information.

We are where we are but we are not where we will soon be

As of 1 July, we are accepting pre-registrations. We will go fully live on 21st July 2021. Pre-registration means that you will be an HonourPay Content Creator at launch.

But, right now, even before we launch, let's make one thing clear:

We do not accept content containing campaigning, political, illegal, lewd or offensive content and we decide, in our absolute discretion, what that is. Moreover, we accept content in English only. We have with certain geographical restrictions for content creators but supporters can be from anywhere.

HonourPay is developed by Vortex Centrum Limited, a long-established e-publications company specialising in services for the financial sector. We've been innovating on the internet since 1999.

In the meantime, thanks for dropping by.

Register via the link so you are ready for launch!