HonourPay when you want to pay

HonourPay when you want to pay

What is HonourPay?

The idea for HonourPay came from the countryside where smallholders and home gardeners put fruit, vegetables, even eggs out on a table by their front gate. Passers-by take what they want and put money into a box - it's an "honour system."

We've taken that idea and adopted it for your favourite internet content producers. When you drop by their website or social media page, if you like what you see, you can do the honourable thing and make a small payment to the producer.

It might be a page on YouTube or SoundCloud, a fanfiction site or even a blog at WordPress.com or your favourite pages at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It might, even, be when you attend free lectures on Zoom, Teams, etc. In fact, anywhere you enjoy original content, you might see our logo - and if you don't but would like to make an HonourPayment, why not suggest it to them?

Why would you do that? The answer is simple: the royalties or ad-revenue share that the musician, author, artist or poet, for example, gets from the platforms is absolutely tiny - fractions of a US cent in most cases. The vast majority of on-line publishing platforms pay nothing to most of their contributors. But you, and people like you, can make a real difference.

Did a bread-making recipe / video help you? With a small Thank You, you can help that content producer make more content.

Did a video solve a technical problem you'd been struggling with? Just buy a "Thank You" via HonourPay.

Did you learn a lot from a blog or BLOG/cast? Reward real expertise.

If you listen to an artist's work on streaming, why not help keep the music alive with HonourPay?

We do not accept content containing campaigning, political, illegal, lewd or offensive content and we decide, in our absolute discretion, what that is. Moreover, we accept website in English only with certain geographical restrictions.

Great! I want to support a content creator. What do I do?

First, supporters don't register on this site!

Select the content creator you wish to support from our HonourRoll or by clicking the HonourPay badge or logo on content created by that creator e.g. on his own website, social media feed or in an e-mail.

Buy a "Thank You." If you'd like to pay more, it's OK: you can choose a multiple later. So if you want to pay GBP10 and the biggest option is GBP2, just select quantity 5 at checkout. Easy, huh?

Yes, we know: it looks just like a shop - we've done that so you already know how to use it and don't have to learn anything new at all.

Your contribution is anonymous in the hands of the content creator. But believe us when we say that all our content creators are very pleased to receive not only the money (that's nice, of course) but also the recognition that someone appreciated their work.

On behalf of all our Content Creators, HonourPay says "thank you".